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We offer protection and peace of mind to truck owners, coverage for accidents, theft, damage and liability. Protect your investment and your business with a reliable insurance agency.

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Liability insurance covers liability risks when someone from your company drivers has an accident. This coverage includes bodily injury liability, aimed at covering the costs of any injuries, as well as medical expenses for the injured party. The coverage may also extend to any property damage liability and legal activities. Plus, it covers all necessary costs for the property damage sustained during the accident along with all expenses associated with any legal defense. Get a quote for commercial trucking insurance in Texas today!


Motor truck cargo insurance, also known as just cargo insurance, covers commodities or freight carried by a for-hire driver. It also covers cargo liabilities related to damaged or lost cargo due to collision, fire, or load striking. In cases where the load is dumped, all removal expenses for debris removal or pollutant extraction can also be covered. You can also get cover in case there are further losses with your cargo as well as any legal expenses associated with this situation or customer losses due to an undelivered cargo load. To find out more about the cheapest commercial truck insurance in Texas, contact VL 17 Insurance Agency.



The coverage against physical damage is pretty straightforward – it covers any vehicle damage, including comprehensive coverage paying against vandalism, theft, collision, or non-collision causes.

Collision coverage –

Trucking insurance that provides financial security against truck damage from physical contact with other vehicles or objects, like rocks, trees, fences, buildings, or animals.

Comprehensive coverage –

It is insurance coverage against damages done by vandalism, theft, fire, falling objects, and weather events.

Fire and theft with combined additional coverage (CAC) –

Another physical damage insurance that combines fire and theft protection for specified perils. As a result, this is also known as specified perils insurance or limited comprehensive truck insurance.


Truck trailer interchange insurance offers insurance for physical damages on trailers pulled under the trailer interchange agreement, which acts as a contract for transferring trailers from one driver to another. The agreement puts the driver, who is transporting the trailer, responsible for covering any damages that might occur while they have it in their possession. In such a situation, this commercial trucking insurance acts as physical damage insurance for any non-owned trailers, covering against damages sustained from collision, theft, fire, explosion, and vandalism.

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What determines the premium of my primary liability coverage?

This is determined based on years of experience for the driver, a record of MVR ( motor vehicle report of the drivers ), years of experience of a trucking company, parking of the trucks ( out of big city parking ), losses history ( loss run).

Do late payments affect my insurance? If yes, how?

If your payment is late the finance company will charge usually 200$ more.

What if my policy lapsed?

They reinstate it for 30 days.

If I cancel coverage or my policy, how long it take for me to receive a refund?

if you have liability due to filing it will take 35 days and cargo after 7 days.

If I have to file a claim, how long will it impact my insurance?

When you file a claim always affect your premium at the renewal with your current insurance company, and if we do quote with another insurance company they will ask for a loss run (claim history for the last three years).

Do you offer discounts for veterans?

Nope, discounts for veterans .



The home insurance service is essential protection for your home.


Get peace of mind and security on the road with our auto insurance service.


Commercial auto insurance is essential protection for business owners.


Truck insurance provides coverage for commercial trucks.


Health insurance covers medical expenses for the entire family.


It covers a variety of risks, such as accidents, illnesses, theft or property damage.

Our Customers

Shelley Jefferson

Hernandez, she have helped me a lot with all the process, she’s always patience and kind every time I need help with my policy.

Shelley Jefferson

Hernandez, she have helped me a lot with all the process, she’s always patience and kind every time I need help with my policy.

Shelley Jefferson

Hernandez, she have helped me a lot with all the process, she’s always patience and kind every time I need help with my policy.

Shelley Jefferson

Hernandez, she have helped me a lot with all the process, she’s always patience and kind every time I need help with my policy.

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